Bachelor of Design

B. Design-Interior(4 Year Full Time Course)

A Bachelor of Design (B.Des. or B.Design) degree is usually an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course or major that generally lasts three or four years. It is an arts-centered degree that is a counterpart to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Examples of B.Des. degrees: Bachelor of Design: Visual communications Bachelor of Design: Fashion design Bachelor of Design: Product Design Bachelor of Design: Planning Design

Bachelor In Interior Design programme is designed to prepare students to create functional and dynamic interior spaces, residential or commercial. Students will develop an understanding of space planning, creative problem-solving, communication and understanding of design issues.

Eligibility Criteria

Students with minimum of 50% marks in Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent will be eligible

Admission Process :-

For admissions Drawing and Aptitude test will be conducted twice. Time and venue will be informed to the applicants by mail.

1st one on 23rd of June 2019 and the second one on 21st of July 2019. Admissions will be announced the following day.

Last date of submission of application 22nd June or 20th July 2019 respectively

Please log on to for application procedure

Salient Features

  • PBL (Problem Based Learning) approach with emphasis on the thought processes.
  • In first three years, students are introduced to diverse ways of design thinking; followed by the freedom to pursue their chosen direction, with expert guidance.
  • Giving international design exposure to students supported by faculty with international experience.
  • The Design Studio connects to six sets of “Body of Knowledge”, and they include Technology, Communication, Humanities, History and Theory of Architecture, Practice of Architecture and Design and Environmental Sciences.
  • Studios remain open beyond the regular class hours to encourage participation and promote synergy and group dynamics required to foster a shared learning process.
  • Studio spaces are air-conditioned to provide better work environment.
  • To nurture learning by making, Studios are supported by well-equipped workshops with trained technicians.
  • Study tours are organized regularly to conduct Related Study Program for development of skills like, documentation, sketching, photography and hands-on knowledge of construction techniques.
  • Emphasis on sustainable approach to design through indigenous and high end technology.
  • It also addresses the Urban, Rural and Tribal Communities to understand challenges we face in their respective natural and built environment to create a common platform for design strategies.
  • Students’ involvement in development of 17 acre campus.

Our Architecture program goes beyond just training students to fit into the professional slot. It introduces and develops the skills and knowledge necessary for contemporary architectural practice, which includes the following:

  • Society and its historic context in different regions of India and beyond.
  • International influences and the evolving value of our society.
  • Climatic variations in different regions of India and beyond.
  • Resources in terms of material and skills.
  • Art and Craft of different regions.
  • Changing economy.
  • Increasing awareness of the environment.
  • Ever changing tools for thinking and expression.

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